Sports Division-Cricket- Residential and Non-Residential Programme

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Welcome to Our Sports Division. For Students of early age we have started Cricket Coaching to make theircarrier in sports. For this we have provided various extensive facilities for students with residential programmes. Recently we are entered into Letter of Intent with Cricket Academy of Pathans for providing World Class Coaching in the field of Cricket through Net Practice and Tournament in the State of Chhattisgarh to have the expert coaching through the skills developed by Pathan Brothers -International Cricketers- (IRFAN PATHAN AND YUSUF PATHAN) achieved during their International Career. You will find the Chief Mentor - Greg Chappel and Mentor - Cameron Tradell and enjoy the best service through our Association with Cricket Academy of Pathans.

1. Practice Sessions

We are providing practice sessions on the net with excellent coaching skills for cricket in all fields. Our regular sessions with experienced coaches providing coaching using all tools are to facilitate the sportsman to excel in all fields and with Match Practice develop the players at early stage.

If Parents think that there child has a caliber and cricket sense then we are the one who make them to the shining career in Cricket. As todays there is a touch competition, a player to regular practice and should have learning practice which is the best in the early stage we generally admit the students in the age of 6 to 12 years.

2. Cricket Coaching with Residential Programme.

Enjoy our all the Cricket Skills at the early stage of life for starting from students 6 to 12 years with all facilities of Residential and devote their full life on education and cricket to excel them in their life. A complete package of Health, Nutritions, exercises and practice in the game of cricket and education is available with us. So be part of full time residential programme.

In Residential Programme students is focused on the study and the Game. It is best fitted format of success. Students by saving their time can concentrate on studies and Game parallel. Our Residential Programme Admission starts from 1st February, each year.

Regular Matches and Tournaments are the main practice effects of the players. Match Practice crate maturity in the minds of the players for the game and we are focused on that. We participate in the tournaments and give opportunity to the players to get them regular match practice.

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