It is quite interesting, but to have a Great Challenge to serve PAN India. in terms of Quality, Management, Information Technology, Reason-ability, Feasibility, Concessions, Subsidized Rates, Merit Considerations and Needy Students, every thing is being required to consider to have a wide presence. It is only the support of the People at large, Working Team, Structure and Level of Efficiency, Completeness, Commitment to the work and working for 24x7 effort, we all have put into, to come out with a Useful and Greatest Products to serve each and everyone individually of the society by educating them out of the hard work and hence the contribute indirectly to the Nation Building.

Above all obstacles and hurdles, simplicity is the main things we have maintained throughout our developing stage and in this changing world. We have started from the year of incorporation October 2009 to work a lot for almost 25.00.000 Question Bank providing for online test for different Courses Starting from Schooling to Professional and Technical Courses, not having almost any possibility to repeat the question in the online test twice. These test are in multiple choice having very small but basic questions which were always been a development of the concept in the student through the alternative answers provided with a choice to have right answer.

With this large content in education for multiplechoice, we have also come with writing test by typing the answers by the students and to check at our end, and provide fast deliverables as result to the Mobile Registered and Email id of the students, We are updating with the suggestions on the answer sheet being given to the students for improvement.

Can You imagine a Unique Accounting and Compliance Software for all type of Business and for different compliance. All of the compliance are being managed in the single software and we developed it. In term of technology and costs it will suit all of the businesses specially for business having large employee to control or in different places operating. Accouting, Inventory, Cost Accoutning, Budgeting, Decision Making, Income Tax, ROC, Securities Market, Bankings and Client Master and Project handling with Financing and reporting standards.

One More Interesting product we are doing PAN India is to have the faculty in almost all parts of the country and to provide the students coaching for all classes from the Class 9th to 12th with all stream and all professional and academic courses with competitive Examinations. We are in putting our efforts so that students will have hardly walking 5 Kilometer to find their education in coaching. We are providing our batches to the students in the School who are our partners or in the College premises with the permissions who are our college partners to facilitate every part of the country within the limit of 5 kilometer of the residence address of the students. Payment of Coaching and Online Test is also made online through the use of the Debit Card/Credit Card/ Net Banking or 16 digit pre-pay card provided specially to the student for paying their fees through that card. This 16 digit student card may be recharge at any time and can be used to pay the fees. Balance of the amount in card unutilized is being refunded by the student request.

Online Booking of the Batch with all the information of the batch and updation with information to the students and parents are our most fast technology we are working with. With each and every topic schedule day wise will surely help the student to gain more understanding on the chapter. Continuous Examination with online facility with option to appear at home will help in two ways. Information Technology and Education. Use of Information Technology will surely advance the students in the coming era and education is the basic need. We are providing both the facility to excel the student in their life to a great career ahead.

In the end I Just only Feel proud to have the nation presence of the company in the field of education, team work, and participants at large across india from different parts of the country contributing to overall performance to serve the nation better in education.

Affordable Fees for the services in Coaching and Online test is being considered. At large Quality education is being provided on affordable fees. Concessions by the management is also announced through the schemes for a particular class or sections of the students and who are top rank holders in the past.

I request the School Management and Colleges to be partner with us. This will add specific advantageous product for their students and where classes are being run in the school and college premises as per the availability of the Classrooms adding extra revenue will be a great advantage.

One More thing, Recently we have organized a very big event in Cricket "Crown Cricket League" a day night Cricket Tournament at Day Night Cricket Ground at Rajokari New Delhi. This big tournament is having a special characterstic that we are selected the talented players from all over india through trials who will be offered to corporates to build their team for participating in the tournament. We have announced the Second "Crown Cricket League 2018" For More Details please visit our Sports Page.

Also, Company is launching a New Project for Manufacturing Blocks. These blocks can be joint to each other in any of the sides. These blocks are being used to make furniture for Homes and Offices. It can be assembled in different form of furniture for example, Bed, Sofas, Chairs, Almirah, Show Pieces, Computer Table, Reception Table, Front Desk, Partitions, Stairs and many others." For More Details please visit our Structure Page.

We have developed a software for your business with unlimited employees, professionals customer, supppliers and every person connected to your business can connect through softwae with paramount features to use. All Accounting, Costing, Inventory, Budgeting, Project work, Income tax, GST and all other featues of office automation payroll, online acceptance of payments, online statement of account, uploading your billing, customer care managment, Office Management and much more can be done. It is web based online software which can be accessable from anywhere and enurmouse reports including "INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: can be generated at any time. This is available on subscriptions on monthly, quarterly, Half Yearly, Yearly basis.

We have seen in case of unlisted companies, Management of share capital particularly paid up capital, issue of shares, Maintainence of Ledger Folios of the Shareholders, readily iformation to investors and all other facilities like certificate number, distinctive number etc is generated from the software.

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